Radioactive & Mixed Waste

Rapid Waste Environmental Services provides waste consulting services for radioactive and hazardous wastes: self luminous exit signs, radioactive animal carcasses, scintillation vial / fluids, radioactive sources, radioactive smoke detectors, dry active waste, mixed waste, naturally occurring radioactive materials & compounds and hazardous waste disposal for universities, industrial settings, research institutes and health facilities.

We are able to assist in NRC manifesting / paperwork preparation (NRC 540/541/542 forms), preparation of hazardous waste manifests (U.S.D.O.T. Hazmats) and Landbans (Land Disposal Restriction Forms), decontamination and decommissioning (D&D), emergency response assignments, health physics services, training programs, and sealed source (gauge and device) services: wipe testing (leak testing services), disassemblies, removals, and disposals, as well as proper handling and treatment of naturally occurring radioactive items such as: Thorium, Uranium (Uranyl / Thorium compounds; Nitrates and Acetates), and Radium.