Industrial Cleanup & Decontamination

Rapid Waste Environmental Services Inc. provides industrial cleanup services for plant outages, turnarounds, and large tank and surface impoundment cleaning.  We manage hazardous, non-hazardous, wet and dry materials utilizing specialized equipment and techniques and can substantially reduce your costs for transportation and disposal of tank or surface impoundment waste.  Waste minimization and resource recovery technologies including centrifuges, filter presses, dredges, and thermal treatment and drying units can be mobilized to your job site.

Our Industrial Services include liquid/dry vacuuming, hydro jetting and blasting, sponge jet blasting, boiler cleaning, condenser and heat exchanger tube cleaning, chemical cleaning, and pipe cleaning and removal.

Industrial Services

  • Decoking & Pigging
  • Chemical Cleaning
  • Industrial Vacuuming
  • Onsite Dewatering Services
  • Outage & Turnaround Services
  • Pipeline Services
  • Catalyst Services
    • Dust Control Services
    • High Temperature Salt Transfer Storage & Melting
    • Passivation Services
    • Screening &: Segregation Services
    • Unloading & Loading Services
  • High Pressure Services
    • Cold Cutting
    • Dry Ice Blasting
    • Ultrasonic Cleaning
    • Exchanger Cleaning
    • Line Cleaning
    • Vessel & Tank Cleaning